On an average work day, 160 cars go through a toll booth per hour.The driver of each car pays a $1.50 toll how much money is collected in toll in 8 hours

Accepted Solution

Hello there!Your question asks how much money was collected at the toll for a period of 8 hours.Answer: $1,920To find the answer, we would need to gather some important information from the question.Important information:160 cars go through the toll per hourEach car pays $1.50With the information above, we can solve the problem.First, let's find how much money the toll makes in one hour. To find this, we need to multiply 1.50 by 160 cars, since the toll costs $1.50 and 160 cars go through it per hour.[tex]1.50*160=240[/tex]The toll makes $240 per hour.Now, since we need to find how much the toll makes in 8 hours, we need to multiply 240 by 8.[tex]240 * 8=1,920[/tex]When you're done solving, you should get 1,920.This means that the toll makes $1,920 in 8 hours.I hope this helps!Best regards,MasterInvestor