The average salary for a retail sales clerk is $21,500 per year. A nurse makes on average $65,470. If you consider the earning potential of both over a 30 year period, what is the difference between the clerk's earnings as compared to the nurse's wages?$1,942,600$579,530$43,970$1,319,100

Accepted Solution

Hey once again ! 

I will explain you how to get the answer...

What I did is multiply $21,500 times 30 = $645,000
Then I multiplied $65,470 times 30 = $1,964,100 

After I had multiplied, I subtracted the results.

$645,000 - $1,964,100 = $1,319,100

So the difference is $1,319,100 

I hope I was able to help you out ! :D